The Best Bike Rides in Orange County, CA: An Expert's Guide

Orange County, CA is a paradise for outdoor lovers. From mountain biking to horseback riding, there are plenty of activities to enjoy. But if you're looking for the best bike rides in the area, you won't be disappointed. Whiting Ranch is a popular spot for mountain biking, with 17 miles of trails and plenty of stunning views.

Red Rock Canyon and Billy Goat trails are reserved for hikers only, but all other trails are open to hikers, cyclists and riders. There are no picnic or play areas here, but there is a portable urinal. If you're looking for an easy and panoramic bike route combined with a great dining option, then Aliso Creek National Recreation Trail is the perfect choice. This trail connects the Aliso and Wood Canyons mountain bike park in Aliso Viejo with the foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains. Here you'll find Cook's Corner, a favorite of motorcyclists and pedals alike.

For more information and trail maps at these and other Orange County parks, visit the OC Parks website. For a picturesque eating patio with plenty of scenery, head to Crystal Cove State Park. You can get there by taking the side streets of Corona del Mar and then taking a short trip along the PCH bike path. For more information on bike routes to these dining destinations, check out the book “EnCyclopedia Southern California: The Best Easy Scenic Bike Rides” by Richard Fox. Whether you're looking for a shady hike, a place to ride the mountain bike trails, or a place to go horseback riding, these parks are some of the best places in Orange County. So grab your bike and get ready for an adventure!.

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