Exploring the Best Bike-Friendly Beaches in Orange County, CA

Are you looking for the best beach bike ride near you in Orange County, California? Look no further! From El Moro Trails and Crystal Cove State Beach to Huntington Beach Bike Trail, there are plenty of bike-friendly beaches in the area that are perfect for a leisurely ride. Before you embark on your journey, however, it's important to check the city of Newport Beach's bicycle safety guidelines. During the summer months, the roads and trails can be crowded with pedestrians, motorists, and other cyclists, making it difficult to navigate at peak times. To stay safe, be aware of your surroundings and wear sturdy shoes when driving. Trails along the beach, such as the Newport Balboa bicycle trail and the Balboa Island circuit, can get sandy and cause tires to lose traction.

To avoid sudden stops, it's essential to wear a helmet and drive slowly on these trails. For more information on bicycle safety and etiquette, visit the city's website. Even though Orange County has more than 3 million residents, you can still feel mentally transported to a small town with the vibrations that these trails give off. Professional cyclist Kelly Miller, who regularly travels 50 to 100 miles several times a week, said the hike is a “hidden gem” that he has done countless times. He left his home in Huntington Beach early in the morning to cycle along the coast before heading inland, in Upper Newport Bay, to the local mountain ranges.

There are also other routes in the county to go from the mountains to the sea, said Pete van Nuys, executive director of the Orange County Bike Coalition. This bicycle advocacy group aims to preserve and improve the region's trail systems. If you're looking for a leisurely ride along the beachfront, rent a beach cruise from Seaside Bike Rentals in Balboa Village and take a walk around Lido for a day of cruising bathed in the sun. About 4 and a half miles long, the flat trail extends from Leadbetter Beach and Shoreline Park in Santa Barbara to Butterfly Beach in Montecito. Redondo County Beach is another great option for cyclists. This 1.5-mile-long sandy beach forms the shoreline of Redondo Beach, California.

The San Gabriel River Trail is also worth exploring; it crosses county lines and enters and leaves Orange County and Los Angeles County. This 10.5-mile flat trail stretches from Bolsa Chica State Beach in Huntington Beach to Newport Boulevard in Newport Beach – perfect for those who have a couple of hours to spare.

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