Is it Legal to Ride a Bike on the Sidewalk in Orange County, CA?

Riding a bicycle on the sidewalk in Orange County, California is not completely prohibited. However, cyclists must be aware of the county's laws and regulations to avoid any injuries or potential liability for an accident. In the business district and civic center area, biking on the sidewalk is not allowed due to the increased foot traffic. Cyclists must also ride with the flow of traffic, staying on the right at all times, except on one-way streets with left-facing bicycle lanes. In Costa Mesa, biking on the sidewalk is not prohibited.

This is great news for those who feel safer biking on the sidewalk of some of Costa Mesa's largest streets with fast traffic, such as Bristol Street, Harbor Boulevard and Victoria Street. Biking only where it's legal can significantly reduce your risk of being hit by a car (and being fined). Additionally, there are more than 43 miles of bike trails throughout the city, so using them can reduce the risk of bicycle accidents. It is important to be aware of local laws and regulations when biking in Orange County. Gasoline-powered bicycles and Type 3 e-bikes (with maximum assisted speeds of 45 mph) cannot be used on trails, bike trails, or bike lanes, unless allowed by local authorities.

On a road with a bicycle lane, cyclists who travel slower than traffic should use the bicycle lane, except when turning left, overtaking, avoiding hazardous conditions, or approaching a place where a right turn is allowed. All cyclists under the age of 18 must wear helmets at all times while biking in Orange County. California allows each city to set its own rules about biking on the sidewalk, so riding on the sidewalk could be legal when you're on one side of the street and illegal after crossing the road and being in another city. It is also important to add local emergency dispatch numbers to your phone for the cities or counties where you regularly travel. By following these guidelines and being aware of local laws and regulations when biking in Orange County, cyclists can reduce their risk of injury or liability for an accident. Knowing where it is legal to ride a bike on the sidewalk can help ensure that cyclists are safe while enjoying their ride.

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